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CMS Made Simple

We are proud to use CMS Made Simple as the core of all of our websites.  CMS Made Simple is (in our humble opinion) the best available content management system available.

Why CMS Made Simple?

CMS Made Simple is open source software.  This delivers a number of advantages to developers using the software to create modern websites.

  1. A community of developers continually work on both the CMS Made Simple core software and the many available modules that extend the system functionality.
  2. The core software and modules are all free to download and install. This means that you are only paying for our design and development services – not additional software costs on top.  This is one of the ways we keep our prices so competitive for our resellers.

From a designer’s point of view, CMS Made Simple offers a freedom that most other Content management systems simply do not have.  Our resellers who design for themselves love the fact that they do not have to shoehorn their ideas into restrictive template style designs.

And for both resellers and their customers, CMS Made Simple really is a most friendly, easy to use and intuitive system.  Even the least confident computer user will be able to easily update their own website, administer their online shop or work with any of the host of other available options.

Last year CMS Made Simple won the Packt Publishing Award for best open source CMS 2010, beating other famous names such as Wordpress and Joomla in the process.  The software also reached its millionth download last year.

The friendly administration area of the system can be easily branded with your corporate look, so when your customers log in to work on their site, it is your brand that they will be reminded of.  What a great way to keep your company fresh in their minds!

We love CMS Made Simple and you will to.  Our MD, John Scotcher, loves it so much that he became a member of the CMSMS development team!  If you want to find out more about this great software, whether you want to be a reseller or not, drop John a line; he’ll be delighted to give you a demo of the software in action.

" The Website Treehouse team are doing some really great work for us across a number of different sites. Reliable, creative, reasonably priced, and very nice to deal with. "
Sarah Olney, So Direct Ltd
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