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Pricing Structure

We operate a two tiered pricing structure which is simply based around the volume of sites our resellers sell.  Resellers that sell more sites buy them at a cheaper price which means more profit for them!  We also operate a 'pay as you go' price structure on certain packages.

Silver Reseller

Our standard reseller prices are based around approximately 75% of our RRP.  In comparison tests our retail prices have consistently been in the lowest 25% on compared quotes, so there is plenty of room for you to put a fair mark-up on top.

Gold Reseller

For active resellers our gold reseller prices are simple.  Every time you sell a website within 30 days of your previous site you will receive a further 10% discount fromk the price of your site.


Pay As You Go

To help your customers spread the costs of their website across time, we also sell some wholesale packages on a deposit and monthly fee basis.  This allows you to sell to those customers who may not have the budget to pay a lot up fron, and also gives you a regular monthly stream of revenue.

What’s next?

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*not available on Pay As You Go pricing structures

" We have used The Website Treehouse for a few of our clients websites. They are always happy to help with issues, however trivial or large. "
Damien O'Dwyer, Business Growth
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